wow !! hello again

Of course, far more in this life defines me than my school and major, hence why I decided to make this website of mine; thought I could add a personal touch that no resume nor LinkedIn profile could really capture, and put some personality™ into it (sorry for my persistent use of the trademark symbol throughout this website lmao been kinda feelin' the vibes it gives these days). My hope is that this can become a "moodboard" or just a sample of what life is like for me.

Thus, putting to good use the oft overused phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words", I truly do believe these pics summarize more of my day to day life than any short witty description ever could. They're subject to change given the day and my mood, but hopefully some can stay as constants and serve as good reminders to me on the not-so-good days :))

And, on the note of memories (and lack of traveling due to COVID rip), I really wanna visit my home country of Korea korea_flag again – if there's any chance, y'know, flying becomes normal again – so in the mean time, here's some senti reminiscing for you to enjoy from the last time I was able to go :')

Isn't this one so pretty? This was at the top of Lotte Tower, and I got soooo lucky to capture these colors; if you look closely enough in the direction of the sunset, you can see 남산 타워 (Namsan Tower), which is a super cool spot in Seoul with cute locks on its fence (!!)
This was 돈까스 (donkatsu) down in Busan the same summer, and it was sooo good, especially after a long train ride from Seoul. brb gonna go cry for a bit T.T
Also at Lotte tower, but just more pretty shades :D
A flower garden that I stumbled upon in Busan, and I just thought this pic was cute ~ the banners just say "happy wish" and "flower garden" haha
As you can tell, I sorta have a thing for nice sunsets LOL, this one was also in Busan and I thought it was so nice to gaze at :')