Hello there ~
My name's Justin.

(And no, I don't know what I'm looking at either unfortunately)
rip sleep schedule
I'm currently a rising junior at Penn! 

And I study computer science, so I beep boop bop and kinda lose some sleep in the process.
But outside of scraping by and trying to stuff my smol brain with as much new material as I can before I embark unto adult life, I also...
  • run a lot these days🏃🏻‍♂️ 
  • read some super old books (*insert Bible emoji here*)
  • wish I could be traveling 😔
  • enjoy strumming my Taylor 510ce
  • and mindlessly scroll through Twitter sometimes (oops)

However, feel free to check out some of the other things I've done! There's a projects page where I elaborate more on the work I've done in the past (free from the constraint of a one page resume thankfully), and all the links to my other profiles are all up top, so click freely! And, if you're still partial to single pages, my resume is available to peek at as well ~